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    The Global text messaging provider
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.we are locotel

We are a global text messaging provider with API's, that automate your communications. Our services innovate mobile messaging and benefit our customers. If you want to monetize every text you send, we are here for you.

Global & Automated Delivery

Global and automated text delivery in 180 countries on all continents and more than 800 mobile networks. Send to groups, create intelligent campaigns and schedule your deliveries.


Your ERP, CRM or bespoke application can interconnect to our messaging platform via our Flexible and Adaptive API’s in such a way that your text messaging needs are fully automated for: Customer Authentication, Mobile Number Validation, Marketing Campaigns, Alerts & Notifications.

Secure messaging

We deploy extra end to end A2P and P2P message security in our already secured network, by encrypting your sensitive texts that only the recipient can decrypt and read. Relay sensitive data to your customer enhancing their trust and loyalty.

Two-factor authentication

Strong authentication is a must for secure e-banking, m-banking transactions. Our Ask-key© platform guarantees the two-factor authentication specifications in order to protect from unauthorized access to mission critical systems.

.about LOCOTEL

We are on a mission, to make mobile messaging more valueable to everybody.

Why Locotel

Locotel SA was established in 2008 and is registered as a provider of Mobile Messaging services by EETT, the Greek Telecoms and Post Regulator. Our early involvement with the Financial...

what we do

We empower we enhance we create using mobile. We give you the power of SMS to directly communicate with your clients andfriends. SMS is essential to notifications...

our team

The combined effort of our people fulfills any leading edge mobile messaging process using the experience and expertise in R&D to create innovative products...


We have designed developed and support the following products and services: Incoming SMS-MO, where we receive the incoming message to our gateways, handle and route...

.Text with us

Locotel has designed, developed and operates the messaging platform locosms.gr.

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.Services we offer

A brief outlook of our services will persuade you about our innovative spirit.

Messaging Services

This is a flexible and user friendly service. Either you want to send, receive or schedule mobile texts or your personal needs require a sophisticated SMS marketing promotion platfrom.

Two-factor authentication

We protect the access to your mission critical applications with extra login and transaction authentication.

M2M Applications

Mission critical applications that control and text the status of machines, industrial sensors etc.


If the technical support offered during the working days and hours is not enough for you, and you need extra support and response time our SLAs are the solution to your problem.

Secure Messaging

Texts with sensitive information remain confidential with this service. Texts are encrypted before transmission and then decrypted at the recipient iOS or Android smartphone.

Mobile Number Validation

Don't text anymore to inactive numbers, with this service you can clean up your contact lists and keep only "alive" mobile numbers.

SMS Banking Applications

We facilitate the use of alternative bank channels by allowing the secure use of texts for everyday banking activities.

Bespoke mobile messaging apps

Your individual needs may dictate the design and development of personalized apps e.g. Interactive SMS, Marketing campaigns interacting transparently with CRM systems, etc.

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Secure messaging



.our accreditations

Locotel is one of the few organisations in the world to be registered to ISO 27001:2013 (Information Security), ISO 9001:2008 (Quality) and ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011 (IT Service Management). These certifications are your assurance of unmatched expertise, consistency of service and reliability that you can trust.

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